Leah Cooper

Leah Cooper was born and bred in Sheffield, England, but as dual UK/US national has lived, trained and worked on both sides of the Atlantic.

After graduating from Royal Holloway University of London with a First Class degree in Drama and Theatre Studies, Leah spent the next two years travelling back and forth across the pond training in classical acting at the world renowned Shakespeare and Company and working in London as a producer and director at several theatres and production companies.

After returning to London full time she furthered her education and training at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, graduating with a First Class Masters.

Since then she has worked predominantly in the world of theatre, TV, radio and film both in front of and behind the camera.
Her experience as a producer and director lends a creative hand to her work at 4 The People, ultimately, she knows how to put on a good show and sees parallels between producing theatrical pieces and events.

She is excited to continue the experience she had as an editor of an online theatre publication by creating articles for 4 The People to be found at http://4thepeop1euk.com/what-we-say/.

Stefania Dekman

Stefania is something of a global citizen. She was born in Moscow, Russia but lived in Verona, Italy for eleven years, followed by two years in Monaco, then a three year stint in Geneva where she completed her BA in International Business Administration, finally settling in London where she continued her studies at Westminster University, gaining her Masters in Event and Conference Management.

Due to her extensive travels and aptitude for languages she currently speaks a total of five; including Russian, English, Italian, French and Spanish. These skills come in particularly handy when negotiating with transnational vendors and suppliers, not to mention some of the international clients at 4 The People.

She is particularly detail focused with a keen eye for logistics and organization. When it comes to her heart within the industry it really lies with weddings. Seeing the realization of her clients’ dreams come true is a real driving force behind her passion.

She relishes the challenges that come with creating truly spectacular, once in a lifetime events.